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Samantha Bartlett holds the position of Head of Segment Solutions and Innovation at Australia Post. Samantha has worked across a number of industries including the energy retailing sector, financial services and now postal logistics mainly in strategic marketing and sales roles.

Samantha can be described as a generalist having worked at a senior level across marketing, sales and customer care. Samantha’s background in strategy and her ability to apply commercial rigour whilst continuing to innovate has been successfully translated in both strategic and operational environments.

As Head of Segment Solutions and Innovation, Samantha is responsible for steering the enterprise toward a customer focused culture where the customer becomes front and centre of the Australia Post strategy. By designing solutions and experiences that customers need and are willing to pay for, is a key goal of the Solutions and Innovation program. It covers all touch points and all products to ensure the customer’s journey is seamless and creates value for both the customer and the organisation.

Samantha holds a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (BBSc), Graduate Diploma in Business (Grad Dip Bus) and Masters of Marketing (MM).


Samantha’s key areas of expertise are in the areas of:

► Setting strategic direction and empowering staff to deliver agreed objectives
► Aligning strategy to best practice operational outcomes
► Working in a fast paced, and sometimes chaotic environment providing focus and leadership
► Creating a positive cultural environment maximising staff engagement