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Global research, academic input and member participation

Once you’ve chosen a topic, the LimeBridge Alliance conducts a worldwide search to provide an international perspective and bring learning from outside Australia to the Forum. The Forum advisory board will be on hand to provide advice and experience of customer operations in some of the world’s most respected organisations.

Leading academics may also contribute to the research topics and provide materials, while Forum members themselves give practitioner input to the research and bring their own case studies.

You can request specific additional research, on a pay-by-use basis, and the Forum is building a database for you containing best practices and quantitative data available only to members.

The Forum will also perform a range of ‘clearing house’ functions for ideas and issues being addressed by member organisations. The aim is to:

  • Link members who are tackling or have dealt with similar issues and challenges
  • Make it easy for members to share exceptional ideas with the group
  • Make links to other similar forums in Europe, North America and Asia to broaden your personal network and gain input from your peers overseas.