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Your Personal Reference Group

As a forum member you also gain direct access to some of the world’s leading experts in making customer experience management a reality. With global backgrounds in organisations such as, Dell, Virgin, and Shell that are recognised for their excellence in customer operations, the Global LimeBridge Team provide you with real life, practical advice on what works and what doesn’t.

Your reference group, along with their areas of expertise, includes:

  • Bill Price – Ex Global Vice President of Customer Service at (USA – Customer Care, Outsourcing)
  • MD Ramaswami – Ex Managing Director of Dell International Services (India – Offshoring)
  • Peter Massey – Founder of three leading customer experience transformation specialists (UK – Customer Experience)
  • Toby Detter – Ex Customer Service Director, Shell Europe (Sweden – Customer Strategy and Culture Change)
  • Ian Northmore – Ex Director of Regional Development – Virginmobile (Asia) (Singapore – Human Elements)
  • Tony Bruno – Ex General Manager of Pacifi c Century Cyberworks (Hong Kong – Contact Centre Operations)
  • Stephan Pucker – Expert in customer feedback systems and continuous improvement (Germany – Customer Feedback)
  • In Australia, David Jaffe, Peter Morrison and Graham Howard – over 40 years experience in customer interaction management operations (Australia – Channel Strategy and Self Service Effectiveness)