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The Chief Customer Officer

Are you the lone voice of the customer?

Providing world-class customer service is not an easy task, it’s a complex and demanding role with constantly changing targets and objectives.

Yet despite their criticality to the business, many executives responsible for customer operations find themselves isolated - the lone advocate for the voice of the customer in their organisation. This isolation prevents many executives from getting the most out of the experience of others in a similar position to them in other organisations.

Take the test…

Ask yourself: are you reducing unit costs without cutting customer satisfaction? Are you applying best practice in customer service in other industries and other countries? Are you getting value for money from your technology, your staff and your customer data? Is your organisation fast and simple to buy from and deal with ? Is customer experience ‘Top of Mind’ for your CEO?

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to all of these questions then you’re probably running the best customer operations in the country. If you can’t, then you stand to gain a lot from the Chief Customer Officer Forum.