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Raed Moukarem, Executive Director, Member/Customer Experience and Market Insights, USAA


Raed Moukarem, is our visiting guru for the day


Maintaining a Culture of Service Built on Trust in the Face of Changing Headwinds


In 2018 USAA topped the US NPS scores in both banking and insurance yet again.  This remarkable business has maintained a reputation for service excellence for decades and has over 13m happy customers. It is no accident and Raed will describe how this great culture and the associated processes are built and nurtured. He’ll also share USAA’s continuous focus on building build and enhancing trust with customers. The discussion will also touch on the challenge posed by regulation and other trends that are making it harder to deliver sales and service in an organic and customer driven way.  This is a unique opportunity to get some insights from one of the worlds’ most customer centric businesses. This should be among the most interesting strategic discussions we have had at the CCO Forum and Raed is our visiting guru for the day.