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Customer Innovation and Transformation

On behalf of the member committee and LimeBridge Australia, we would like to welcome you to the 20th meeting of the Chief Customer Officer Forum. The theme for the day is 'Customer Innovation and Transformation'.



  • Agenda

    The Forum meeting will take place on 14th May at The Langham Hotel, Sydney. The Forum Dinner will be held at restaurant EST at the Establishment.

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  • Editorial

    THE NEED FOR INNOVATION AND TRANSFORMATION IN AUSTRALIA Coming to Australia from the UK in the 1990’s one quickly got a sense in many Australian business that they’d always try to take a proven idea from somewhere else in the world rather than come up with something innovative that was created here.

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  • Keynotes

    Jan Pacas, CEO of Hilti Australia, will open the day and discuss how they have used service as a strategy to differentiate their products and Ann Sherry from Carnival Australia will speak to the group about the turnaround of the business.

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  • Speakers

    We are delighted to present you with a mix of internal and external speakers. You can read all our guest speaker bio's here.

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  • Case Studies

    Special guests, Jodie Fox, from Shoes of Prey will run two sessions, we'll also hear from Michael Ellies from SmartSalary Australia and our third guest, Jon Briskin, who will share Origin’s story. Thanks also to current members, Andy and Samantha, for agreeing to lead case sessions.

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  • Photos

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