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The Impacts of Digital Disruption and Customer Led Design

On behalf of the member committee and LimeBridge Australia, we would like to welcome you to the 23rd meeting of the Chief Customer Officer Forum.

The theme for the day is 'The Impacts of Digital Disruption and Customer Led Design'. The meeting will take place on Wednesday 21st October 2015 at The Sheraton Hotel Melbourne.  

The day will commence with Paul Greenberg who was one of the co-founders of one of the original on-line disruptors in Deals Direct. Our closing speaker is Bernard Salt, who is probably Australia’s leading economic demographer.




  • Keynote Speakers

    21 OCTOBER 2015 The day will commence with Paul Greenberg. He’ll describe, “The importance of emotion in digital disruption”. Our closing speaker Bernard Salt, has agreed to talk about, “The implications of the customer of the...

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  • Speakers

    GUEST SPEAKER BIOGRAPHIES We are delighted to present you with a mix of internal and external speakers. You can read all our guest speaker bio's here.

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  • Agenda

    The Melbourne Forum meeting will take place on 21 October at the Sheraton Melbourne Hotel. The Forum Dinner will be held at Cumulus Inc.

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  • Case Studies

    CASE STUDIES We have several guest case presenters from outside the Forum – Craig Davis from Sendle, Greg Banbury from Naked Wines, William Scott from Aussie Farmers Direct and Chris McDermott from Designworks, probably New Zealand’s foremost...

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  • Accommodation

    The Sheraton Melbourne has made 10 rooms available to our members at a discounted rate.

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