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Welcome to the sixteenth meeting of the Chief Customer Officer Forum, on behalf of the member committee and Limebridge Australia. The theme for the day is “Customer Facing Leadership”. We are running with a new meeting format this Forum with presentations from three guest speakers, Mr Alistair Mant, Dr Peter Ellyard and Mr Steve Simpson so we welcome your feedback on this variation on our agenda.

  • Agenda

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  • Editorial

    Leadership in the customer facing parts of business seems particularly challenging as the CCO Forum members might agree. The interactions with customers add an unpredictable dimension to the leadership challenge.

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  • Speakers

    We have three guest speakers for this Forum who are experts in their chosen fields and all think about different aspects of leadership.

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  • Forum Sessions

    Our three guests all think about different aspects of leadership. Alistair Mant session 'Doing it Well'; Dr Peter Ellyard session 'The Practical Realities of being a Future Maker' and Steve Simpson 'Understanding and changing UGR's'

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  • Closing Keynote

    We are looking forward to hearing from our tail note speaker for this forum. Our final guest at the end of the day is Brett Godfrey who was CEO at Virgin Airways for a just over a decade. The airline industry has been in the news for the last six months with customer lock outs, new alliances and many changes in strategy.

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  • Videos

    Video Gallery We asked our Forum guest speakers; Brett Godfrey, Alistair Mant, Peter Ellyard, Steve Simpson and Forum Committee Member, Andrew Kiel the following questions: 1. Please give a short summary on some of the top ‘take-aways’ from...

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