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On behalf of the member committee and LimeBridge Australia, we would like to welcome you to the 17th meeting of the Chief Customer Officer Forum. The theme for the day is “Operational Excellence”. We looked for operations that were proving effective, while keeping in mind that the mix of channels that customers were expecting to use was changing. As a result, you will find a number of topics focused on handling things in very different ways.

We are delighted to present you with a mix of internal and external speakers. Some of them have walked in your shoes and can discuss their experience. Other sessions may focus more on a new idea that you will have to evaluate for your business. We have brought a diverse range of businesses to the table, as we look to challenge those of us in more traditional businesses to think about how we can apply radically different ideas.

  • Editorial

    One of the oldest debates in business is strategy vs. operational delivery; which is more important? Well, of course a poor strategy can undermine a business; ask Gunns Limited or Ansett. But a good strategy delivered poorly will fail every time -

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  • Agenda

    The October 2012 Forum meeting will be held at the RACV City Club, Bourke St, Melbourne with dinner the evening before at one of Melbourne's iconic restaurants, Grossi Florentino. Click 'More Info' to see the Forum agenda.

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  • Keynotes

    We are looking forward to hearing from our two keynote speakers for this forum. Firstly, we will hear from Megan Quinn who is a co-founder of internet retailing success story

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  • Videos

    Video Gallery Anthony Sinclair (AGL Energy), Michael Clark (Fair Work Ombudsman) and Scott Robson (HP) were asked the following questions on Operational Excellence during the Forum. What aspects of your operations do you think are closest to being...

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  • Case Studies

    As well as several member led sessions, from the ATO, Sydney Water/SE Water and AGL, there will be four other guest case presenters- Google, Net-A-Porter, Fairwork Ombudsman and HP so you have plenty of choice!

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