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  • Activity Based Working – Making it Work for Customer Facing Operations

    Activity Based Working (ABW) is being promoted as the work environment of the future. Early adopters in Australia such as Macquarie Bank have described positive impacts on...

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  • CEO Perspective, Scott Farquhar, Atlassian

    Scott Farquhar is a Co-Founder and Co-CEO of one of Australia’s ‘fastest growing companies” Atlassian, who has been in the top ten of BRW’s Best Places to Work survey for the past two years. They are famous for some of the innovations they have brought to the workplace...

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  • Case Studies in Winning Digital Minds and Analogue Hearts

    Ask yourself: What do your customers and clients love about your business? What really touches their hearts and makes them come back again and again? What comes between your business...

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  • Re-Thinking Distribution Strategy and the Role of Medibank’s Retail Network

    Medibank‘s retail network was a potential asset for the business but had to change to fit with the new mix of channels being used for sales and service. Medibank has...

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  • Making Multi Channel Interactions Centres a Reality – The U-Bank Story

    U-bank was established to set up a different model of banking and interaction. From day one, its customers expected to use a range of contact mechanisms.

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  • Building a Business around Home Working

    The Medibank Health solutions business is based completely around home working and is probably largest at home work force in Australia. Brett will describe how the company had to re-think the way it works...

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  • Omni Channel service: It is all it is cracked up to be?

    As most leading organisations are firmly embracing the premise of putting the customer/citizen at the centre of everything – the focus on customer service remains unrelenting. A great deal...

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  • What culture do you want in the Future – Lessons from the AMP/AXA Merger

    Like any merger, the AXA-AMP merger brought together two different cultures . The leadership team then faced the challenge of working with both in the short term...

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