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26 October 2011 - Adding Value to contacts

This Forum, with a theme of “Adding Value to Contacts” is shaping up well with a number of interesting sessions planned including keynote presentations by Mr Bernie Brooks and Mr Stephen Lundin (of "FISH!" fame). We also have a special activity planned at the Melbourne Museum with an exclusive viewing of the amazing Tutankhamun exhibition.


We are looking forward to hearing from our two keynote speakers for this forum. Firstly we will hear from Bernie Brookes who has been the CEO of Myer Limited since June 2006. We will also hear from Stephen Lundin who is the bestselling author of FISH! which sold over 5 million books worldwide. FISH! has taken the FISH! Philosophy (of the fishmongers of Pike Place Fish Market) to all corners of the world...


Many companies are spending small fortunes on trying to capture customers from their rivals, spending fortunes on commissions and introduction fees as well as loyalty programmes. Meanwhile these same companies often treat all customer service contacts as a ‘necessary evil’ and drive for lower and lower costs, with a year-on-year 10% “cost target”. We know these things go in cycles, but surely the penny will drop soon...

Case Studies

We welcome case studies from Stephen Lundin, MTU, Flight Centre,  Cardinal , Kiwibank and more...


View the full agenda for this forum click here