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Membership Investment

 Membership is on a renewable one-year basis. The annual subscription fee is AUD $5,500 plus GST.

The fee includes:
  • two Forum meetings per year with the option of two regional
  • mid-term meetings
  • costs of venues
  • pre-meeting dinners
  • secretariat function
  • access to research papers and case studies
  • access to The LimeBridge Chief Customer Officer Forum Advisory Board
  • full access to past presentations and web materials
The membership fee does not include:
  • travel to and from meeting venues
  • overnight accommodation charges at the venue
  • custom research requested by individuals or groups of Forum members.
If you miss a meeting, copies of all the materials notes of key issues discussed and solutions proposed are available in locked sections of the website.  The secretariat or committee members may also arrange a personal briefing if desired.

So how do I join?

If you’d like to become a member of the Forum, please complete the application form which will be automatically forwarded to LimeBridge Australia. We will pass your application to Committee members for review and respond within seven days.

If you’d like more information, please contact LimeBridge Australia at:
Phone: 03 9499 3550 Fax: 03 9018 7934
Email: Website: