Samantha Bartlett
Woman with Laptop
The Australian Red Cross Blood Service
Marketing Director
0467 733 315
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I am currently the Marketing Director for the Red Cross Blood Service. My role encompasses all of marketing across the organisation. Prior to this appoinment I was General Manager Marketing & Customer Engagement at Australia Post, where I was responsible for the customer experience strategy and design, innovation and improvement, as well as brand strategy and marketing management.
Having worked as a strategic marketer across a number of industries, including energy retail, financial services, postal logistics and now health, I apply my unique combination of operational and strategic skills to be an advocate for the customer.

My natural curiosity about human behaviour has shaped my career, and I have seen firsthand how observing customers within their context provides the powerful insights we need to design and execute great experiences and solutions.

Samantha’s key areas of expertise are in the areas of:

► Setting strategic direction and empowering staff to deliver agreed objectives
► Aligning strategy to best practice operational outcomes
► Working in a fast paced, and sometimes chaotic environment providing focus and leadership
► Creating a positive cultural environment maximising staff engagement