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Andrew Crozier
Woman with Laptop
Auroa Energy
Chief Product and Customer Officer
CCOF Member Since
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My belief in life is that this is not a rehearsal. My goal is to try and achieve all I can while I am here and to do my bit to help my friends, family and colleagues realise their potential too.

I have found my home in Tasmania and I love it here. Working for a business with real purpose for a community where Renewables and Green Technology have been part of daily life for generations. The opportunity for Green, Carbon Neutral and Renewable in Tasmania is right in front of us and I want to play whatever role I can in Tasmania embracing this opportunity.

My passion is being involved with products, markets, innovations or businesses where teams of people do good every day. I am hopeful that the teams I lead and work with are making an impact that matters.

I have been lucky in my career to have been in the right place at the right time on a number of occasions. Being there when Digital really took off, when Product became more than just one of the 4 Ps and when Customer centric Innovation and Agile working became the norm are just a few examples. I feel like Green might be my next lucky moment and I am looking forward to where it takes me.

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