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Angel Crawford
Woman with Laptop
South Australian Government’s Attorney-General’s Department
Deputy Director, Fines Enforcement and Recovery
CCOF Member Since
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After a successful 10 year career with the Royal Australian Air Force largely based in NSW, Angel moved to South Australia, working with Allens, Arthur Robinson’s law firm on the South Australian electricity privatisation project (ETSA sale) through the due diligence process.

Holding a number of executive positions within the South Australian public sector, Angel has worked across various large scale transformational projects, directed a number of state-based royal commissions and public inquiries; and was the State conduit for the Federal Child Abuse Royal Commission.

In her current role of Deputy Director, Enforcement and Collections with the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit, she has been responsible for implementing operational efficiencies within the client contact centre’s real-time environment to maximise resource utilisation, as well as embedding reform in the way in which collections are managed to optimise the workforce. A heavy investment in staff training and well-being to drive the right behaviours and improve collections has been a rewarding challenge.

Most recently, she was instrumental in the unit’s implementation of the public website to improve service delivery and make it easy for clients to pay, plan or dispute their fines. This work involved the implementation of best practice and the redesign of key processes. Angel is an independent member of the South Australian Attorney-General’s Department’s Audit and Risk Management Committee and was recently an independent procurement panel member for Consumer and Business Services on their fuel pricing information scheme for the data aggregator which is now in place in South Australia.

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