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Deborah Potts
Woman with Laptop
REST Industry Super
Head of Member Engagement & Customer Experience Specialist
0419 746 703
CCOF Member Since

Deborah Potts is a skilled customer experience executive, specialising in the financial services and superannuation industries.

She has extensive experience working with board, executive and professional teams to transform customer experience through developing and implementing innovative communication and customer engagement programs.

An inspiring and collaborative leader, Deborah forms and develops high-performing teams that drive customer centric cultural change, transform organisational strategy and build organisational capability.

Part of Deborah's success can be attributed to her keen insight, collaborative approach and the ability to step past agendas and corporate silos into an honest discussion of the issues.

Her customer experience strategies are firmly grounded by high-level skills in corporate governance, risk management and financial analysis within the financial services sector. This results in quantifiable initiatives that are data driven.

Deborah has in-depth market knowledge and understanding of the financial services and superannuation industries, which ensure her strategies are growth driven, legally compliant and fiscally responsible.

Core strengths: Customer experience strategy, process redesign, customer communications, leadership and cultural change, stakeholder engagement and financial analysis.

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