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Luke Garrett
Woman with Laptop
UnitingCare QLD
General Manager Customer Experience and Innovation
CCOF Member Since


I am a creative and logical Customer Experience practitioner. I love solving meaningful customer problems with structured and empathetic thinking and tools.

Now working with the outcomes focused organisation, UnitingCare Queensland, I am excited by the opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of thousands of my fellow Queenslanders. And working with and leading the amazing individuals that comprise our Customer Experience and Innovation team continues to inspire me in that endeavour everyday.

Having consulted across a wide range of sectors for the first part of my career, I found particular interest, affinity and personal connection with the Human Services sector, having spent the last few years feeling connected and at home working within it.

My time in the consulting industry focused on customer experience and business strategy, assisting clients through large-scale, and also more targeted, innovation and customer-led transformations, whilst also providing broad exposure across government, both State and Federal, and corporate clients.

I am an enthusiastic traveller and a lover of adventure; my ideal holiday involves bicycles, trekking or motorbikes. Recently I have developed an avid love of trail running, so am always balancing my passion at home and at work with my passion for solitude and deep thinking in the hills.

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