The CCO Forum Committee

Meet the Committee 

Members from within the Forum are elected to the committee.  They meet twice a year to maintain the financial control over the organisation, review membership applications, review topics and speakers. The Committee willingly donate their time. The current Committee members are:

David Jaffe

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David Jaffe has been a member of the CCOForum Committee since its inception in 2004. Should you have any enquiries about the Committee membership or meetings, please contact David at

David Jaffe is the Consulting Director and co founder of LimeBridge Australia. He is a customer experience delivery expert and is a regular speaker on customer experience management and customer advocacy. He has led work in customer service improvements at more than a dozen major Australian institutions.

David grew up in England and studied at Oxford University. He has been a consultant for 21 years most of which has been focused on customer related improvements. He has talked at a range of conferences on customer service and effective operations here and in Hong Kong, India and the United States.

Prior to joining LimeBridge, he was an associated partner at Accenture and a principal at A.T. Kearney. He left AT Kearney to help build LimeBridge Australia. David coordinates the content for the Chief Customer Office Forum in Australia.

About LimeBridge Australia

LimeBridge Australia Provide the secretariat function for the Forum and also provide access to global resources and expertise in Customer Management. We are customer experience architects who are revolutionising the way organisations interact with their customers.

We work to make your business Fast and Simple for your customer. Our systematic approaches deliver organisational change through customer feedback. Becoming Fast and Simple for your customers means that you will reduce costs, improve service and grow revenue. We are experts in customer operations and cover sales and service delivery in contact centres, telephone and web-based self service, and in walk-in channels.

We collaborate closely with our clients, never forgetting that it is their organization and their project, not ours. We are the people that organizations turn to when they want the voice of the customer to drive their operations.

LimeBridge Australia is part of the global LimeBridge alliance.

We provide services and solutions in the area of customer experience management that will help you to:

Improve Service OperationsListen, analyse and act of the Voice of the CustomerDrive collaboration across the business to systematically reduce contact demand and increase the time available for high value add customer interactionsImprove containment rates and conversion rates in self service applicationsImprove the buying experience and sales effectivenessEmpower your managers, team leaders and staff to improve their performance by creating a fact based, data driven culture throughout your organisation

For more information, go to our website at or contact us at one of our offices.

Julie Starley

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Passionate about delivering on customers needs and ensuring operational excellence, having developed and implemented innovative customer experience, customer service, digital transformation and segment marketing strategies both within Australia and internationally. Building and leading high performing teams and consistently meeting or exceeding business and customer requirements. A champion for customer experience and a highly regarded leader in this field. Over 20 years experience working within the fast paced Insurance, Online Retail and Telecommunications industries within Australia, Europe and emerging markets.

Customer Experience & HCD
Service Excellence
Digital Transformation
Logistics & Operations
Marketing & Segment Strategy
Voice of the Customer Insights including NPS
Online Retail

Lisa Pogonoski

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Lisa is the General Manager Customer Resolution at Westpac a role responsible for working with senior leaders to drive customer focus across the organisation of 5,000 people.

Lisa had been with BT for 20 years in various roles including running the BT contact centre, managing customer service change programs & running key support teams such as training, process improvement, change management & customer experience functions.

Most recently Lisa spent 3 years building Scalable Advice business in BT, a team of 90 people focused on helping customers with their insurance & superannuation needs over the phone.


Lisa’s key areas of expertise are in the areas of:

► Driving customer focused change programs

► Contact Centres

► Developing organisational level strategy & business planning

► People leadership & leading high performance teams

► Mentoring & growing talent

► Sales & Distribution

Samantha Bartlett

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I am currently the Marketing Director for the Red Cross Blood Service. My role encompasses all of marketing across the organisation. Prior to this appoinment I was General Manager Marketing & Customer Engagement at Australia Post, where I was responsible for the customer experience strategy and design, innovation and improvement, as well as brand strategy and marketing management.
Having worked as a strategic marketer across a number of industries, including energy retail, financial services, postal logistics and now health, I apply my unique combination of operational and strategic skills to be an advocate for the customer.

My natural curiosity about human behaviour has shaped my career, and I have seen firsthand how observing customers within their context provides the powerful insights we need to design and execute great experiences and solutions.

Samantha’s key areas of expertise are in the areas of:

► Setting strategic direction and empowering staff to deliver agreed objectives
► Aligning strategy to best practice operational outcomes
► Working in a fast paced, and sometimes chaotic environment providing focus and leadership
► Creating a positive cultural environment maximising staff engagement