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How Do I Apply


Application Process

Thank you for your interest. Membership of the CCO Forum is exclusively for customer service and customer experience Senior Executives. The Forum is run by and dedicated to people in senior executive roles who share a passion for improving the experience they give their customers; people who are shaping the future of the way Australian organisations relate to their customers. Membership places are purposefully limited to encourage small, open, case study style groupings, rather than large impersonal conference gatherings.

Annual subscription

Membership is A$4,500+GST per year for the first member from an organisation, and A$3,600+GST for subsequent peer level members. The membership year runs from 1 January to 30 December. Pro-rata subscriptions are payable by members who join part way through a year. Single meeting trial subscriptions are available at $2,250+GST for new members.

Membership includes:

  • Two full day meetings per year

  • Two half day mid-term meetings

  • Access to the archive of previous meeting materials

  • Access to CCO Forum benchmark and research material

  • Virtual discussions/idea sharing meetings on topics of interest to the group.

  • Extending the CCO Forum to Your Team

  • Use of virtual formats means that we can “extend” the CCO Forum content to your peers and some of your direct reports. It is important that this remains a “peer to peer” discussion but membership will include:

  • Inviting up four guests to be virtual attendees of the keynote presentations

  • Inviting three “observers” to case study discussions that you think are relevant to them

How To Apply

​To apply to become a member of the CCO Forum, please send an email to or call our Melbourne office on +61 3 9499 3550​.

Click here to read our Terms & Conditions.

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