October 2020: Transform, Fine Tune or Evolve


Keynotes and Guest Speakers

· Jodie Fox Reboot – Learning from success and failure at Shoes of Prey, Jodie Fox, Entrepreneur, Author and preparing for next Adventure!

· Why Culture, Ethics and Social Sensibility are now key to all Organisations, Greg Hywood, former Chief Executive, Fairfax Media

· Nurturing Culture in a Virtual World, Steve Simpson, International Speaker and Author


Breakout Discussions:

· Tim Bennett-Williams, Head of Service and Support, MYOB: Multi-dimensional change at a digital native: the MYOB story

· Genevieve McLean, Senior Manager – Global Care Standards and Assurance Consistency, consistently: How Optus created one set of Standards to enable consistently amazing customer experiences, every time

· Leah Monica, Assistant Vice President, Member Service Centres, Costco Wholesale

Thinking outside the big box: How Costco had to redesign itself

· Lisa Pogonoski, General Manager, Customer Resolution, Westpac, Changing the Focus on Customers through Complaint Handling

· Peter Walker, Assistant Commissioner, Enterprise Services and Technology, Australian Taxation Office: Super, Keeper, Boost: the ATO’s COVID Response

26 June 2020 The Bumpy Road Back to some Work in the Office (or Not)

CCOF Zoom Meeting Summary: Friday June 26

Themes: The bumpy road back to some work in the office (or not)

The fourth discussion of the Australian CCO Forum group since COVID-19 restrictions were put in place. It was a month since our previous discussion (called the road to the new normal) but many common issues remain. Back in late May people were saying that the office didn’t look that good and that is still true. In May concerns were expressed for line managers and that issue has remained. There is increasing acceptance of at-home work and the changes that has created.

The discussion topic for the meeting focused on what is working well, what do companies want to get back to and what needs to change. We’ve summarised some of our observations of the emerging state of play under two headings:

· Why no one is rushing back to the office and the plans that exist

· How we are managing people in this new world

There were two common areas of discussion covered separately

· Bottling the speed of change

· The productivity conundrum

It is therefore hard to gauge or study the long-term productivity impacts


14 May 2020 Sharing Lessons on the Road to the New Normal


The third discussion of the Australian CCO Forum group since COVID-19 restrictions were put in place. All members of the group shared the challenge that either all or a large part of the workforce is working from home. The write up is summarised under three headings:

· Five changes that are working well

· Five work in progress items on new challenges

· Five Issues in progress to the new normal – how the future workplace is looking



24 April 2020 Sharing Lessons in Making At Home Work - Work more Effective

Sharing Lessons in Making At Home Work More Effective

10 Great Ideas that were shared about at home work and other changes at the Sharing Lessons in Making At Home Work - Work more Effective CCOF conference call:

a) Reduced meeting times:

b) Grasp the opportunity to change: “There is no better time to bring about hard transformational change than with the air-cover of a Global Pandemic” was our favourite quotation of the call.
c) Facilitating more personal discussions:
d) Induction method for new starters (replacing sitting with experienced staff):
e) Share my pain:
f) Shared extension and counselling programs:
g) Extra gestures:
h) Make at home a sustainable environment
i) New scenarios you need to be ready for in seeing into people’s homes:
j) Too close to the trees: Get a second opinion
k) Video conference now has relaxed protocols:


4 April 2020: Transition to COVID Summary

Members of the CCOF were asked to complete a short survey on their transition through the COVID crisis. Seven members also shared their learnings on a conference ZOOM from varied sectors.


October 2019: Trust in the Era of Regulation and Security

Keynote and Guest Speakers


  • How the impact of non-financial risk has put the customer at the centre again. Pauline Vamos, formerly of ASIC and is now a full time non-executive director.
  • Why culture, ethics and social sensibility are now key to all organisations. Graeme Samuel, former ACCC CEO, who has also been heavily involved with recent APRA reviews.
  • Maintaining a Culture of Service Built on Trust in the Face of Changing Headwinds: Raed Moukarem, Executive Director Member/Customer Experience - Market Insights, USAA


Break Out Discussions:

  • Chris Crook, Founder, Managing Partner, Nature: Whose Data is it anyway? What Australian's understand and think about their data and its use.
  • Gavin Lewis, Chief Operating Officer, Green Peak Energy: Building Trust with businesses in an industry that isn't Trusted.
  • Brad Moult, Head of Data Services, Data Republic: Lessons in balancing personalisation privacy for customers in a regulated data world.
  • Dan O'Neill, Founder - Principal Consultant, OpExtion: The CBA inside story: Lessons in processes, culture and trust and the impacts of the Royal Commission and APRA
  • Joan Brierley, A/Executive Director Drivers and Vehicles Services at Department of Transport, Western Australia: Balancing Staff and customer empowerment with regulation and oversite at Transport WA
  • Sean McBride, General Manager Motor Claims, Claims & Assessing Auto & General Holdings: Balancing trust, profit and regulatory expectations in insurance claims
  • Sam Bartlett, Marketing Director, The Australian Red Cross Blood Service: Forgiven not forgotten - lessons in recovery from breaches of trust.


May 2019: Options in Connecting with Customers

Keynote and Guest Speakers

  • The Journey from Marketer to NED: How we connect (or not) with Customers at different levels of the organisation, Holly Kramer, former CEO of Best & Less and Board Member across a range of diverse industries
  • The Connection Perspective, Ben Crowe, Global Expert in Connection and Story Telling
  • Strategic and Organisational Secrets to Unlock Innovation: Dr Robert Kay, Executive Director & Co-founder, Incept Labs:


Break Out Discussions:

  • Deanne Martin, Head of Customer Service, SEEK: Strategies to unlock the potential of the millennial workforce
  • Rochelle Stokes, Director Operations Design: Hyatt Hyatt’s lessons in evolving agents from Home globally.
  • Julie Armstrong, Chief Operating Officer: UNO Breaking the Broken Broking Business Model at UNO
  • Gerry Gaffney, Information & Design: Lessons in success and failure in connecting with staff and customers through UX design.
  • Jo Devrey, Group Chief Operating Officer: Wining Group Winning retail formula - building a culture of customer obsession
  • Nicola Lambe, Head of Sales Transformation: CUA Personalising personal banking - the iM CUA story.
  • Steve Hoffman, Customer Experience Lead: Bunnings Group Limited Delivering better customer experience through improved team experience


October 2018: Executional Excellence Today

Keynote and Guest Speakers

  • How excellence is changing today, Launa Inman, former Managing Director/CEO of Officeworks, Target Australia and Billabong International
  • The Balancing Act of Keeping all Stakeholder Mildly Unhappy, Cameron Clyne, former CEO and MD, NAB


Break Out Discussions:

  • Back and updated by popular demand: Professor Mary-Ann Williams, Director of the Innovation and Enterprise Research Laboratory (The Magic Lab) at UTS: The Behavioural Economics of Customer Decision Making.
  • Johann Loibl, Head of Customer Service, Zip Co Ltd: Every Contact is telling you something – how Zip money drives improvement
  • Chris Jackson, General Manager, Customer Experience, Transurban: From counting cars to caring about customers: Transurban’s road to customer centricity
  • Andrew Kiel, co-founder, Blue Squirrel Tough Nuts: The Hard Yards of fintech start-up Blue Squirrel and lessons for Innovation in corporates.
  • Bill Price, President, Driva Solutions: Melting Snowballs in the Desert with predictive analytics at Cable One
  • Bill Price, President, Drive Solutions: Automating Processes to Do More with Less (Staff) at SMS Assist
  • Alison Crabb, Leadership Development Expert, ex State Manager Flight Centre: Flight Centre’s Peaks and Pitfalls of Reward and Recognition
  • Beverly Smith, Chief Customer Officer, Customer & Digital, Australian Unity: The Layer Cake Challenge of Fixing Things for Customers

May 2018: Customer Experience in the Age of the Machine

Keynote and Guest Speakers

  • Where do first movers go next- the story, Cameron McIntyre, Managing Director and CEO,
  • The Real Opportunities and Risks for Customer Experiences driven by Artificial Intelligence, Professor Mary-Anne Williams, Director of the Innovation and Enterprise Research Laboratory, University Technology Sydney.
  • The Behavioural Economics of Customer Decision Making, Professor Mary-Anne Williams, Director of the Innovation and Enterprise Research Laboratory, University Technology Sydney.
  • Insurmountable Opportunities: why accelerating change is the new formal, Dr James Chin Moody, Founder and CEO Sendle


Break Out Discussions:

  • Bosco Tan, Co-Founder, Pocketbook: Pocketbook: Customer centred banking.
  • Leticia Jennings, Country Manager loT, Vodafone Group: Internet of things goes past the Tipping Point.
  • Dan O’Neill, Acting Executive General Manager, Group Operations, CBA: How end to end process thinking has solved customer problems and rethought data use.
  • Deborah Potts, Head of Member Education and Advice, Rest Industry Super: Digital engagement of Gen Y and X in a grudge process
  • Nicole Moy, Head of Product & Marketing Leap in!: The ultimate platform challenge: Unlocking the NDIS for all participants.

October 2017: Drivers of Innovation in the Customer Experience

Keynote and Guest Speakers

  • If you are not ahead of the curve you are already late, Dr Catherine Ball, Co-Creator, World of Drones Congress.
  • The Secrets of Customer Growth at the Australian Open, Craig Tiley, CEO, Tennis Australia


Break Out Discussions:

  • Jeremy Hubbard, Head of Digital at UBank: How we taught a chatbot to talk like us – the UBank story.
  • Justin Passaportis, General Manager, Victoria and South Australia, GoGet Carshare: Who needs a car? GoGet’s shared economy growth story.
  • Julie Spring, Former HR Director, Pizza Express: Balancing standardisation with individuality in people based businesses
  • Andrew Lock, Chief Product and Design Officer with Lisa Dowie, Chief Customer Officer, PEXA: Technology is the tip of the iceberg: the PEXA story of digital transformation.
  • Discussion Group: Do we need to give customers more control if we are to deliver better customer experiences?
  • Lucy Gregory, Commercial Project Manager, Data Republic: Data is the new black: How to share and get value from data via an appropriate governance framework.
  • Jim Drainas, CCO, Cloud Case with Campbell Nicoll, Chief Risk Officer, Regional Australia Bank: A case study in streamlining customer onboarding for complex products and services.
  • Carly Clifton, Head of CCO Operations & Business Performance, Westpac: How analytics and omni channel apps are helping Westpac customers.
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