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20 October, 2019

2019 CCOF was held at the Park Hyatt, Melbourne, Thursday 17 October

The CCOF Committee is thrilled with the results of the 31st Chief Customer Officer Forum

The theme for our most recent successful CCOF was,“ Trust in the Era of Regulation and Security”. We commenced with Dinner Wednesday 16 October at Rock Pool Bar & Grill allowing attendees to meet in an informal private setting. The meet was held at The Park Hyatt the, keynotes and case studies were well received by all who attended creating: connection, strong discussions and learnings, all under the umbrella of Chatham House rules.

Keynote Speakers:

Opening keynote was Pauline Vamos, formerly of ASIC and is now a full time non-executive director. Pauline will be addressing, “How the impact of non-financial risk has put the customer at the centre again”.

Our closing Keynote speaker and sometimes controversial, Graeme Samuel, former ACCC CEO, who has also been heavily involved with recent APRA reviews. Addressed, “Why culture, ethics and social sensibility are now key to all organisations”.

We were most excited to have secured, Raed Moukarem, Executive Director, Member and Market Insights, from the US in one of the most trusted companies, USAA. In 2018 USAA topped the US NPS scores in both banking and insurance yet again. This remarkable business has maintained a reputation for service excellence for decades and has over 13m happy customers.- Raed’s case study topic was, “Maintaining a Culture of Service Built on Trust in the Face of Changing Headwinds”.

Other cases from:

  • Auto & General
  • Red Cross Blood Bank
  • CBA
  • Transport Western Australia
  • Nature
  • Data Republic
  • Green Energy

We were fortunate to have built the foundation for what was another successful CCOF.

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