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About Us

The Chief Customer Officer Forum

Do you ever feel that you are the lone voice for the customer in your organisation? Would you like the opportunity to learn from the best practices and worst experiences of your peers leading major customer operations in Australia and globally?

If so, and you are a General Manager or equivalent level executive responsible for customer operations in your organisation consider becoming part of the Chief Customer Officer Forum. Make sure you aren't too busy to listen and learn from your peers in order to help you rise to the top of your profession.

The Chief Customer Officer Forum Origins

The Chief Customer Officer Forum was the brains trust of LimeBridge Australia. LimeBridge Australia is a specialised Customer Service consulting business that has operated for over 16 years in both Australia and overseas. LimeBridge's expertise is to combine service design and proven operational strategies. This approach results in  better customer experiences, reduced costs and improved performance.


Being passionate about all things Customer Service, LimeBridge  recognised a gap for like-minded Chief Customer Executives, or anyone who owns the customer experience within their companies. There was no place for them to meet like minded peers, network and learn in a secure and respected place, that could be consultant and sponsor free and under Chatham House Rules.


Thus, fifteen years ago the Chief Customer Officer Forum, (CCOF) began. The CCOF has thrived and continues to thrive due to the strong secretariat role that LimeBridge plays. Ensuring each meet is a pure play for networking, efficient and effective. Plus, well-co-ordinated, and run in accordance to not-for-profit guidelines.

Meet and share ideas with the best and brightest

Like the forum of ancient Rome, the LimeBridge Chief Customer Officer Forum is a place for Leaders to meet, discuss the future and improve their professional working lives. It is a place where the best and brightest executives in the area of customer management can meet to exchange ideas and raise the bar on the customer experience that Australian businesses are providing.

The group meets twice a year for a full day of case study discussions from members and invited practitioners from around the globe.


What is the CCOF's point of difference?

The feedback we receive is that the CCOF is the only vendor free environment that explores topics in depth and allows peer to peer discussion under Chatham House Rules. The case studies are carefully selected, topical and vetted and then each discussion also includes a subject matter expert facilitator. The discussions that follow are more in depth than any other setting we have seen. The role of the keynotes are most important as they are from leading businesses and business figures.  We often seek out former CEOs as they can be more transparent and reflective. Discussions and cases are far longer than a normal conference.

Governed by an elected committee

Operating on a Not-For-Profit basis, the CCO Forum is governed by committee elected by and from the members. The committee ensures that the topics addressed stay closely focused on member needs and priorities.

No vendors, no consultants

As part of the Forum you can be sure you won't be hounded by software vendors or consultants - they aren't allowed to be members. The Forum is a safe, vendor free environment where you can share ideas and experiences without fear.


Annual subscription

Membership is A$4,500+GST per year for the first member from an organisation, and A$3,600+GST for subsequent peer level members. The membership year runs from 1 January July to 31 December. Pro-rata subscriptions are payable by members who join part way through a year. Single meeting trial subscriptions are available at $2,250+GST for new members.

Membership includes:

  • Two full day meetings per year

  • Two half day mid-term meetings

  • Access to the archive of previous meeting materials

  • Access to CCO Forum benchmark and research material

  • Virtual discussions/idea sharing meetings on topics of interest to the group.

  • Extending the CCO Forum to Your Team

  • Use of virtual formats means that we can “extend” the CCO Forum content to your peers and some of your direct reports. It is important that this remains a “peer to peer” discussion but membership will include:

  • Inviting up four guests to be virtual attendees of the keynote presentations

  • Inviting three “observers” to case study discussions that you think are relevant to them

Key Points

  • Peer-level Forum for General Managers,

  • VPs and Directors of Customer Operations

  • Meets twice yearly for a full day

  • Unparalleled knowledge sharing network with peer level

  • Vendor free and consultant free not for profit forum

A Typical Meeting

  • Our Keynote Speakers (who are senior business figures) open and close the day.  Recent speakers include Jodie Fox, Greg Hywood, Graeme Samuel, Pauline Vamos, Ben Crowe, Holly Kramer, Cameron McIntyre, Launa Inman, David Thodey, Craig Tiley, Karen Stocks, Paul Zahra, Bernard Salt and others. We have showcased emerging disruptors such as Afterpay, Data republic, Vinomofo, Aussie Farmers and Shoes of Prey.

  • We spend most of the day in round table break out discussions around cases or topics.

  • The case studies run for approx. 75 minutes and members chose their agenda.

  • The discussions are more in depth than a typical conference and we vet the materials and speakers.


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