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Your Personal Reference Group

As a forum member you also gain direct access to some of the  leading experts in making customer experience management a reality - your peers. Members of the forum have a unique opportunity to hear about the latest developments and most successful techniques in customer management, both from other members and from customer service leaders in Australia and overseas.

Being responsible for the day to day management of customers is a constant challenge, so the Forum provides a community of like-minded people, peers you can turn to for support in your professional life.


The Forum is run by and dedicated to people just like you: people in senior executive roles who share a passion for improving the experience they give their customers; people who are shaping the future of the way Australian organisations relate to their customers. The membership is by invitation only ensuring the calibre of members hit the mark. Including David Jaffe and Peter Morrison – with over 40 years experience in customer interaction management operations (Australia – Channel Strategy and Self Service Effectiveness.


Some feedback from our first Virtual CCOF October 2020

"The careful balance of the calibre of speakers and varying topics, whilst remaining relatable and customer centric was brilliant, well done." GM Customer experience: Major Telco. (October 2020).

"The quality of the speakers and content was very high and relevant.  The two keynotes were insightful and it was really helpful to hear about the 2020 experience of Costco and MYOB." GM Operations: Insurance Company. (October 2020).

"The discussion in the case studies and opportunity to learn from others.   It’s valuable as there’s opportunity to interact in a smaller group. The two I attended were great as they were very relevant to my own space of work so many valuable insights into differing approaches on the topic". GM Customer Relations: FMCG Company. (October 2020).


Previous CCOF feedback 

"I enjoyed hearing from all the speakers. I especially found the case studies I attended on Bunnings and Hyatt to be very useful. They were engaging speakers and the content relevant to me. The conversation flowed freely which I really enjoyed and I think the speakers did too! Ben Crowe, I thought was superb at the end of the day. ‘Purpose’ is the buzz word right now, but I found this content to be very inward reflecting". (May 2019).


"I thought it was very well organised. I particularly liked the openness with which people spoke.
Several attendees confirmed this to me in conversation with them; the opportunity to meet
people in similar roles with similar issues, and discuss them in an open forum, was highly
regarded". (May 2019)


"I filled pages in my notebook with ideas and thoughts.
Holly started the day with great story telling from her experience and a challenge that I
certainly related to – that is bringing the customer into everyone’s thinking. I then really
enjoyed Jo and Winning’s fresh approach to solving every customer’s problem. In the
afternoon I attended Robert Kay’s session and although it took me a while to link his
hypothesis to my own organisation, I got the point strongly in the end. His presentation
was very clever to illustrate his points.
And finally, Ben Crowe was great. I know of Ben – he saved my footy club – and his
presentation was an awesome way to close the day". (May 2019)

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